This painting, accomplished in the last year of the artist’s life, reveals a beautiful landscape that attests his interest in themes relating to his country, in a vision that is simultaneously realistic and dreamy, filtered by a luminescence captured at an ideal moment.

Artur Loureiro, (1853–1932), studied at the Academia Portuense de Belas - Artes, later visiting Rome and Paris where he made contact with the Symbolist movement that would mark his work. He also spent time in London where the pre-Rafaelites also did not leave him unmoved. Between 1885 and 1904 he settled in Melbourne, Australia, becoming a prominent figure due to the prestige he achieved as a painter and a teacher.

However, longings for his homeland led him to return to Porto in 1904, establishing a studio in the Palácio de Cristal where he held classes. At the same time he travelled throughout the country, registering scenes that he transposed on to his canvasses. He regularly exhibited in the Salão Silva Porto, to favourable criticism.

He left a vast work, dispersed over museums and countless private collections: portraits and paintings depicting landscapes, genre scenes, animals and flowers. The Casa-Museu Fernando de Castro is proud to possess a considerable number of this artist's works in its collection.