Painting of an intimate nature in which the luminosity intrudes on the privacy of the scene represented, highlighting the expression of the faces and hands of the two characters.

J. J. Sousa Pinto (1856-1939), artist of the first generation of Portuguese naturalists, studied at the Academia Portuense de Belas-Artes, where he completed the course in Painting in 1878, with high marks. From here he went on to Paris on a State scholarship and achieved great success in France, expressed by countless prizes awarded at the exhibitions in which he participated.

Although he settled in France, he continued to be represented in the major Portuguese exhibitions, presenting work dealing with themes from his native country and many of these are in various private collections and Portuguese museums.

Sousa Pinto is without a doubt the best represented artist in the collection of Casa Museu Fernando de Castro, where portraits, landscapes, genre scenes - paintings in oils and pastel depicting both Portuguese and foreign themes, can be seen.