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30 March 2020
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  • CMFC - Painting

CMFC - Painting

  • Rivulet between dunes and the beach, where human figures can be seen against the background of sea and sky.
    Detail of “Riacho de Preces” of Artur Loureiro. Inv. 38 Pin CMFC
    Artur Loureiro
    Oil / wood
    48.5 x 70 cm
    Signed A. L. and dated 1932
    Inv. 38 Pin CMFC
  • Self-caricature by Fernando de Castro.
    Detail of a self-caricature of Fernando de Castro. Inv. 530 Pin CMFC
    Signed and dated. F. Castro / 1938
    Indian-ink and aquarelle / paper
    38 x 22.6 cm
    Nº inv. 530 Pin CMFC
  • A village woman, seated on a wooden bench with arms and backrest, watches a child sleeping in a rustic wooden cradle placed at her feet.
    Detail of the painting "Grandmother with granddaughter". Inv. 250 Pin CMFC
    J. J. Sousa Pinto
    Oil / canvas
    70.5 x 54 cm
    Inv. 250 Pin CMFC
  • Detail of the painting "Our Lady, with the Child Jesus and Three Angels". Inv. 191 Pin CMFC
    Oil / canvas
    142 x 109.5 cm
    Nº inv. 191 Pin CMFC
  • Grouped around an altar, Simeon, his hands covered with a cloth in sign of respect, holds the child Jesus; at his side is the prophet Ana pointing towards the child, while St. Joseph offers two doves.
    Detail of "Presentation in the Temple". Inv 219 Pin CMFC
    Oil / wood
    Late 16th – 17th century
    61 x 68 cm
    Inv. 219 Pin CMFC
  • Sitting in a high-backed chair, a girl works at a sewing machine, while another one, standing, observes the work being done by the former. The scene takes place in front of a window, giving the group a contre-jour effect.
    Detail of the painting "Sewing". Inv. 253 Pin CMFC
    J. J. Sousa Pinto
    Oil / canvas
    92 x 73 cm
    Inv. 253 Pin CMFC