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16 December 2019
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  • Child's head, with short hair parted to one side, resting on a square base of black marble.
    Child's head, with short hair parted to one side
    Diogo de Macedo (Gaia 1889-1959)
    Bronze 1927 (plaster 1926)
    27 x 17 x 20 cm
    251 Esc MNSR
  • It represents a boy sitting sideways on a rock, with his head supported on one arm and legs bent. He has a lean body and a thin face with hair in disarray.
    Detail of "Childhood of Cain", of Augusto Santo
    António Teixeira Lopes (Gaia 1866-1942)
    Carrara Marble, 1890
    103 x 73 x 58.5 cm
    2 Esc CMP/ MNSR
  • A naked figure of a young man lies prostrate on the ground, with lifeless head and inert members, with a water canteen at his side.
    Detail of Ismael of Augusto Santo

    Augusto Santo (Gaia 1868-1907)
    Bronze (plaster from 1889)
    66.5 x 142 x 68 cm
    268 Esc MNSR
  • Coarse-grained marble, 3rd century
    64 x 62 x 194 cm
    Monte da Azinheira (Évora)
    88 Esc CMP/ MNSR
  • The nude figure of a young man is seated on a rock, against which beats a wave, his head drooping, his hands crossed and arms folded over his legs bent double.
    The Exile; António Soares dos Reis;Carrara Marble
    António Soares dos Reis (Gaia 1847-1889)
    Carrara Marble, Rome 1872
    172 x 68 x 73 cm
    41 Esc. MNSR