This piece was part of the royal treasure kept in the safe of the Palácio das Necessidades until the fall of the Monarchy in 1910. It has belonged to the collection of the Museum Nacional de Soares dos Reis since 1945.
This ostentatious accessory, a type of court jewellery worn in conjunction with an evening gown, was widely diffused across Europe during the second half of the eighteenth century. It allied the sparkle and colour of its stones to the splendour of the figured fabrics of the dress, in harmony with the eccentric spirit of luxury and ostentation of this period. Following a practice introduced in the beginning of the eighteenth century, and gradually adopted over the whole of Europe, it presents countless quartzes and topazes backed with coloured metal foil. The objective of this technique was to accentuate the brilliance of the jewel and to create a varied range of tones, contributing to the dramatic effect of the ornament.