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27 February 2021
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  • The figure of a child, seen in profile, lies prostrate on the ground, filling the full width of the picture. The child’s head, surrounded by an opaque ochre halo, is turned to the left side, closed eyes with its hands resting on its chest.
    Detail of the "Christian Martyr" by Joaquim Vitorino Ribeiro
    Joaquim Vitorino Ribeiro (1849-1928)
    Oil on canvas
    70 x 170 cm
    Inv. 75 Pin CMP/ MNSR
  • The bust of a woman seen from the front is represented against a dark background. The oval face, occupies the exact centre of the composition.
    Detail of the "Self-portrait"  by Aurélia de Sousa
    Aurélia de Sousa (1866 – 1922)
    Oil on canvas
    45 x 36 cm
    Inv. 878 Pin MNSR
  • In a landscape formed by a rocky outcrop and tall trees, the figures of the three protagonists are represented on a minor scale: Queen Margaret protecting her son from the onslaught of the robber.
    Detail of "The Flight of Margaret of Anjou" by Francisco Vieira, o Portuense.
    Francisco Vieira, “O Portuense” (1765-1805)
    Oil on canvas
    126 x 102 cm
    Inv. 23 Pin CMP/ MNSR
  • Bust of a male Negro in 3/4 view, turned to the right. Represented with a moustache and a beard, the figure is wearing a red fez with a black tassel, white shirt, red waistcoat and a wide yellow cloak.
    Detail of "The Negro", by João António Correia. Inv. 1102 Pin MNSR
    João António Correia (1822-1896)
    Oil on canvas
    73.7 x 58.6 cm
    Inv. 1102 Pin MNSR
  • Full figure of a woman reclining in a ladies’ chair that is only partially visible on the right side, with her body slightly inclined and turned towards the left, while her head is turned in the opposite direction.
    Detail of the  "Woman dressed in black" by Henrique Pousão
    Henrique Pousão (1859-1884)
    Oil on wood
    28.3 x 18.4 cm
    Inv. 114/39 Pin MNSR

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