These items are part of a military dress uniform that belonged to D. Pedro IV, worn by this king during the siege of Porto (1832–1833).

They were integrated into the museum’s collection at different times: the spy-glass, belt and cocked hat were a donation made in 1835 by the Duchess of Bragança, D. August Amélia, at the request of João Baptista Ribeiro, who was the director of the Museu Portuense, as it was designated at the time. The dolman, the waistcoat, the hat and the sword, appear inventoried in the section of Historical Objects of the Municipal Museum.

With neither great artistic nor material value, these pieces - for many years on permanent exhibition in the Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis - have been loaned to several exhibitions of a historical nature, always constituting an object of admiration and even devotion on the part of the public, not indifferent to their inherent symbolic value.