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27 February 2021
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  • Rectangular carpet, embroidered in the Arraiolos stitch.
    Detail of the Arraiolos Carpet. Inv. 109 Tex CMP/ MNSR
    Base: Linen thread
    Embroidery: Polychromatic woollen thread
    17th century
    190 x 142 cm
    Inv. 109 Tex CMP/ MNSR
  • Rectangular quilted bedspread.
    Detail of the Bedspread
    Fabric: White cotton thread.
    Embroidery: loose polychromatic silk threads.
    Filling: cotton lint.
    Indo - Portuguese
    17th century
    290 x 200 cm
    Inv. 117 Tex MNSR
  • Chasuble tailored at the front, straight back and skirt with rounded corners. V neck at the front and rounded at the back.
    Fabric: white silk thread; silvered plate
    Embroidery: plain and crimped gilt purl; gilt plate; polychromatic silk thread; coral beads.
    1st half of 18th century
    107 x 68 cm
    Inv. 31 Tex MNSR
  • Rectangular tableau, constituted by an embroidery of polychromatic silk thread and coloured beads, on white silk. It depicts a scene from daily life in which a pair of sweethearts is framed by a border of flowers.
    Detail of a Needlepoint sampler
    Base fabric: White silk
    Embroidery: polychromatic silk thread, flock silk thread, purl, gilt plate, hair, coloured glass beads, painting.
    19th century - 1869
    53,8 x  41 cm
    Inv. 50 Tex MNSR
  • Uniform of Colonel of the Rifles.
    Uniform of Colonel of the Rifles.
    Wool, silk, leather and metals
    19th century
    Inv. 27 Obj Hist CMP e 10 Div MNSR
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