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13 April 2021
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In an ancient palace
Were gathered important works
Of considered value
“What are we going to do with them?”
Asked our grandparents in the 19th century

“Open the rooms
Show them to the students
Was suggested and so was done

“We must change this house
In a lively place”
Said our parents
We are going to fill this place with children
And by playing
They will learn lots of things
“They will break everything” – said the Restelo people
“It will be better to try”

It was a wish and so it was done.

Time was going on and
Funny groups search the Museum thoroughly.

They didn’t break anything
After all,
Except the precious ice
Of the Museum rooms.

Adults and children
And bring outside
The pleasure of thinking
The future / the past / the present
Of that people we are …

Madalena Cabral (Educational Service of the National Museum Soares dos Reis)
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